Character Profile = Kaosu From True Love

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Character Profile = Kaosu From True Love

Post  Chidori on Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:38 pm

Age: 15

Courageous, Clumsy, Thoughtful, and Open-minded, Helpful, Optimistic, Slacker, Interesting, Romance Freak, Happy, Sarcastic, A bit slow on jokes, Smart

Appearance: Interesting, Happy and Thoughtful

Having grown up in a bad neighborhood he learned how to fight and protect others in need of his help. Being a child of a single parent left him and his brothers on their own while their mom provided a roof over their heads along with food to eat, by doing this she only had a little time to spend with her three boys. At his elementary and kindergarten school he was left to take care of himself most of the time. With the knowledge of how to protect himself from the horrors of the harsh neighborhood children he decided to help those who couldn’t protect themselves and fend off bullies.

At the Age of Seven, Kaosu met the nice fragile Naomi who was constantly tortured and didn’t fit in with the rest of the children like himself. After standing up for her various times when she couldn’t stand up for herself, she became glued to him in a sense. Whenever trouble was nearby Kaosu put up both his fists and was prepared to lay’em out, he had always come out the victor. Since he had never lost a match his brother had crowned him the nickname of ‘Zero’ for how many times he had lost.

At the Age of Nine, Kaosu had established a friend relationship with the sweet lonely Naomi who had but him as a friend and protector. They had gone to many places together and even found their very own ‘Sanctuary’ one concealed with a secret passage threw the forest the other an abandoned shed they spruced up which was near a spring like waterfall which he had given it the name of ‘Suiryuu’. When feeling down he had always gone to suiryuu to clear his head and think, few times did Naomi follow.

At the Age of Eleven, Kaosu couldn’t keep his mind off of girls and one in particular the Cute Shy Naomi. He had found himself crushing on her no longer looking at her as his best friend but rather as a girl. In time he gathered up the courage to tell her how he felt though since the two had spent much time together he constantly worried how she’d take it which for a short period of time led him to be distant from her. In time he had stopped avoiding her and had gathered up his courage to explain to her how he felt, later that day he walked home to find a moving truck. Turns out his mom had gotten a better paying job, without having the time to say goodbye he left only a letter to her which he hoped she’d find it, somehow.

Interests- Girls
Assets- Cooking, Martial Arts, Artistic, Creative
Daily Activities- Home Schooled, Drawing, Push-ups, Sit-ups

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