Days of My Life

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Days of My Life

Post  Chidori on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:18 pm

Sun 8 Feb 2009
Today I helped my mom with cleaning out our new house and it was hard and I mean hard work, although it isn't entirely clean alot more stuff the people who lived in it before us was taken out today. After my mom, jeremy and I packed up the yellow truck with random stuff (with me it was mostly heavy encyclopedia books or tvs) and Angelo made sure the truck was able to be driven without anything falling off. Derrick opened bags for us though overall he didn't really do anything. Soon we drove to where we'd get rid of it at, I along with takobi and with angelo driving were in the preus. Derrick and jeremy with my mother driving were in the yellow truck. It didn't take long for us to get where we needed to go, My brothers and I helped push everything off the truck but after that we did it all a second time just this time when we went to dump everything it was only my mom, angelo, takobi and myself. Before we could entirely get on the road the yellow truck broke down and smoke came from the engine. My mom thought it was the battery while angelo thought it was something else, but we still don't know what it was exactly. Since the yellow truck had broken down into the street beginning to make a turn, me and angelo got out the prius and began pushing it from the back while my mom steered it. It was successful no doubt we pushed it to the side of the road and then my mom rode with us back to our new house. They both got out and I guess went to explain what had happened to the yellow truck to my older brother. Anyways, Me I was still in the car with Takobi when I looked across from me across the street to see bunch of girls in a black truck. One was staring right at me and when I looked at her she smiled, she was really beautiful and she wore a purple shirt and blue jeans. When I saw her smiling I knew it was because of me and it for some odd reason made me feel I was more attractive, happy and out there. Sadly our glances only lasted a quick moment though the feeling I had after seeing lasted a little less than 3 hours. Once my mom and angelo had gotten back in the car they quickly pulled off to get the black explorer. It only took awhile for us to get back to the house I currently live in where the explorer is parked. After my mom drove the explorer back to the yellow truck me and takobi stayed in the prius and there she was again walking down the street. The beautiful gilr with the purple shirt, she was tall not as tall as me but compared to the others girls she was tall either that or it must've been cause I was sitting down. Although I saw her this time she didn't see me but it was alll the same....

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