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07/20/09 8:56
Jeremy just got home from school and wants to get on the computer but since it just rained and we have satelite the internet isn't running so he changes his mind to get on the the computer and goes to the next best thing, the 360 which I am currently playing however since he just got home I am to get with no say o thought about it. Thats how its supposed to work from his and my mom's perpective cause. However I think differently, I believe he should wait just like everyone else had to since most of the time I have to wait my time everyday to get on a game system which then resulted on me spending more time on the only availabe system which happened to be the computer since at the time we always got new games at the beginning of every month. So because Jeremy goes to school almost everyday of every week he has the ability to bend the rules to his wishes now that he and mom share a common attribute, their time has become occupied by other activities as work and school which allow them to relate more as I am forced to stay in this wretched house every second of every minute of every hour of everyday. Much like that of a prison dark prison with games and such to occupy one's time however with games it does not change the fact that one is within a prison. The feeling of being limited to a certain amount of space is constantly something that affects me if not all my brothers mentally however having stayed like this for so long one should get used to it however the feeling of imprisonment is nothing one should ever have to get used to nor should be.


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