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Cast Into Darkness

Post  Chidori on Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:28 pm

One of two supposedly long storys which will be transformed into manga style which I also plan to draw pictures for and maybe just maybe into a game! ^^ Yeah I know i'm making too much of plans for the future that might not come true or I may forget about but at least When It fail I can say that I tried ^^

Two beautiful demons that attempt to seduce their victims before they drain the life force from their bodies. At will they can shapeshift into Batlike creatures with 4 wings which enables them to move extremly fast. Both demons are twins and at first sight appear to be normal. When persuing their prey they call such tasks opperations for fun. One sister likes to lure her prey into dark places while the other in broad daylight. They aren't afraid to be seen by crowds of people due to their appearances of cute japanese girls. Although they do not possess super strength they are very smart, fast and very manipulative. In public they act just like any other teenage girl always talking about boys or school. The younger sister is almost always complaining usually about how hungry she is. Unlike most demons they choose to target only one person at a time and will not target anyone else until their current target is killed or they have no other choice. They like to follow people into dark alleyways or any other confined spaces. In order to take one's life they must either make the target love them then break their heart or literally break their prey's heart and consume the remains. They don't have fingerprints or parentsand the older sister has blone hair while the younger with brown.

Sessho-Seki, Air Eater:
A demon who has the demonic ability to drain someone entirely of their energy and oxygen threw physical contact. By draining it's prey of their oxygen the victim will die from suffocation if physical contact is maintained a certain period of time. How long it takes to kill certain people depends on how long the target can hold breath and last without air. This demon cannot shaptshift or turn into any other form. It has red eyes usually wearing black shades to hide them and has a spiral tattoo like mark on the palm of both it's hands. Those who encounter it in their dreams usually awaken to find that their energy is gone and feel physically weakened. This demon usually wears black gloves when not trying to kill someone. It is usually hired as an assassin, killing people for pay or if it has to.
Main Characters....

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