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True Love Manga

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A manga i plan on creating

True Love

Kaosu– Main Character
Naomi– True Love Interest
Miyumi– Love Interest
Tetsuya– Kaosu’s Brother

Kaosu is child hood friends with the beautiful Naomi and falls in love with her though he moves away the same day he confesses his feelings for her.

4 years later, he moves back to the same town and state and house and also the same neighborhood. While exploring his home town he meets Miyumi who is also quite beautiful and has a spicy personality. She then shows him around town and everything becomes a little more familiar. Miyumi is also very popular among town’s people all seem to smile when she passes by. While walking kaosu bumps into the Hot shy Naomi who after quickly apologizing goes about her business, this indeed sparking conversation between Miyumi and him. Miyumi then tells him of her younger sister and even offers to bring him to meet her.

After parting ways they both go home to tell their siblings about their exciting day they had with their new found friend. Tetsuya only just making it home at eleven ‘o’clock he goes and jumps in his bed and falls asleep. After hearing Miyumi babble on about her graceful day with the exciting boy of her dreams, Naomi becomes jealous and requests to meet the boy who her sister constantly spent the night talking about. While lying in her pink and blue bed she dreams about the boy who she had wished she’d see again at least one more time.

Kaosu not feeling too comfortable in his bed he goes and camps out on his roof which resides outside his window only to gaze at the stars. Miyumi after becoming bored with watching late night television she peers out of her window only to spot Kaosu on his roof looking up at the stars. Immediately she rushes to tell her sister to look out the window only to find Naomi sound asleep, not wanting to wake her sister she goes back to her room now with something to dream about. Early in the morning around one ‘o’clock, Naomi wakes up to go jogging though in her pajamas since she thinks no one would be awake at this time except her.

Taking a few steps out the door she noticed a dark figure lying down on a nearby house which at first sight looked to be a creature of another world, making her let out a small scream waking Kaosu. Before she got a chance to move the figure had jumped from off the roof and onto the ground in front of her. She had become so scared that her legs began shaking so much that she had fallen off her feet. Kaosu then bent his head down to look at the girl who seemed to be hurt although she truly was frightened to death of him.

As he reached out his hand to help her up she passed out like she had died as more rain clouds filled the sky. “This might be a dumb question but are you okay?” he asked before he felt a drop of water fall on his hand and knew it was just about to begin raining, seconds later he and her were soaked with water as rain blanketed the entire area. A sound of thunder could be heard in the distance as a nearby power pole fell down to the ground and began to spark. Kaosu looked at her for a few minutes before picking her up and holding her close to him like baby as he rushed inside. Several hours had passed before Naomi woke up to find herself under the warm covers of a mysterious bed.

Like anyone she was surprised she was still living and seemed to have forgotten she wasn’t at all in her house or in her very bed for that matter. She was beginning to feel quite comfortable under the cover before she felt a slight movement under the blankets which made her movement freeze. She was now sure she wasn’t the only one in the room let alone in the bed. Quickly she jumped out of bed snatching along the cover along with her waking the young boy she slept next to for the last several hours. “What the hell?!” kaosu asked as he only had on his boxers “You better not have done anything while I was sleep or I promise you I’ll…” she stopped as soon as she noticed she only had only under clothing which only included her bra and panties.

“You didn’t” she said slowly as she continued to glare at him with her eyes as she quickly covered herself up by wrapping the blankets around her. “Where are my clothes you perverted jerk!” she yelled at him before he got a chance to explain himself. “There in the washer, it’s still raining outside and you were soak and wet on top of that you fainted” kaosu said particularly fast. “If I fainted why the hell are all my clothes off and I woke up in the bed with you!” she yelled once more as she leaned her pretty little head to intimidate him.

“Cause if I’d had left you as you were then who knows what would have happened to you, to add on that if I didn’t take your clothes off then you would have caught ammonia same as me” he said before he was rudely interrupted. “But still why the hell did I wake up in your bed right next to you huh! Huh?!” she interrupted. “Cause due to it raining and its cold as it is outside our body temperature had already dropped, so sharing our body heat was our bet chance don’t ya think?” kaosu said

Hidden Twist :

Since Naomi and Kaosu were childhood friends she knows most of his habits,secrets,favorites, positives and negatives. They both even read the same manga series. Cast into Darkness

Naomi is Miyumi’s younger sister

Kaosu has no record of his past within his memory at the beginning of the story though after each event he remembers some of his past.

Tetsuya remembers Naomi even though Kaosu himself doesn’t, though Tetsuya is almost always busy with college or other tasks.

Kaosu almost lives by himself though he stays with his 18 year old brother Tetsuya who is almost never home and not much of a parental guardian.

Both sisters are secretly in love with Kaosu though Miyumi is so open about it that it’s very obvious. While Naomi keeps hers secret until he remembers who she really is.

Setting :
3 years ago, Both Kaosu and Naomi are sitting right next to each other on a somewhat cliff were they can feel a nice cool breeze. They can also see a large waterfall and a deep stream from this spot but at the time they don’t know how to swim. This is where he confesses and her shocked expression sends him running home.

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