Character Profile = Miyumi for True Love

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Character Profile = Miyumi for True Love

Post  Chidori on Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:19 pm

Age: 17

Small bit bossy, Spicy, Self Centered, and Open, A Tomboy

Appearance: Beautiful

Bio: Her parents had always fought even after they got a divorce they continued to fight in court for custody of the children they both shared. Always embarrassed to introduce her friends to her parents she lived her life at school where she had always seemed to have to stick up for her sister since she didnít talk much and seem to be too emotional. One day she came home only to have to pack her stuff and go on what at first seemed to be a small trip until it ended with her having to be separated from her sister and left at her fatherís house where her sister continued to stay with her mother. Although she had been placed at her fatherís house where she had to leave all her friends behind and also her mother and sister she kept in touch with a daily phone call. Time had begun to fly by as her sister after every phone call seemed to be doing worse and worse since she had no one to help out. Although her sister was doing bad Miyumi was doing worse as their father had taken up a new hobby, drinking. Day after day Miyumi felt bad for her sister since she knew her sister couldnít stand up for herself. After a while of hearing her sisterís painful cries across the telephone line she began to take more school activities such as quilting, and stage actresses. One day her sister told her of a charming boy who had stood up for her that day which seemed to make her sisterís world a bit happier, hearing the good news she felt her heart had also been warmed knowing her baby sister was beginning to do better even if it was just a little. Years began to pass as she so wished she had met this young boy who seemed to have captured her sisterís attention and heart. Miyumi loved romance it was something it seemed she could not have due to her father being an alcoholic. Every now and then sheíd take some money she made from her part time job as being a waitress where she met many people all had been alcoholics and couldnít think straight enough to have a conversation. Every nowadays when she talked with her sister she heard a new romance story which took place in her sisterís life that day between her and the boy who seemed to make her enjoy life more than usual. Nine years had passed since she actually saw her sister so she really didnít know what her sister looked like so she had asked her father to bring her to see her though her father refused since he didnít want to see the look of disgust his ex wife had always given him after their divorce. Although Miyumi loved her parents evenly no matter what had happened ever since she had been separated from her sister she wanted to live with her mother again though not to see her mother although that was good to but to be with her sister again.

She talks in her sleep.
Uses her finger to taste other peopleís food.
Canít sing well but love to do it.
Likes to be called pretty face by kaosu
Dances well by listening to the beats of the song.
Loves sugar and foods that are sweet.

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