Caim (Demon Hunter) Uchiha

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Caim (Demon Hunter) Uchiha

Post  Chidori on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:18 pm

Name: Caim "Demon Hunter" Uchiha

Age: 34

Caim was born in Konoha and had been one of its top ninjas though when his parents and family were slaughtered mercilessly and recorded on tape and sent to him by his best friend Seto. He sought out for more missions to take his mind off things as the village dealed with Seto but things went for a drastic turn when Seto left the village killing any and every guard in his way. There was no end to the body count as the longer Seto stayed alive more people turned up dead but Konoha insisted that Caim was not to participate in the capture of Seto because of fear of him obtaining the Mangekyou.

Despite their orders Caim left the village in sarch of Seto and was banished from Konoha never to return and was deemed a missing ninja. Nonetheless Caim returned to Konoha with the Mangekyou Sharingan only to find out he had no home and is listed in every anbu's bingo book. He visited the Hokage by force to reason with the Kage but after the Hokage drew his sword Caim realized the village had gone mad and talking was no longer needed. Soon Caim emerged from the Kage's office leaving the man brain dead and pinned to the ceiling with the man's own sword. With each Ninja regardless rank that tried to stop him the more blood ran threw Konoha's streets.

He left Konoha and has since joined with Otogakure's Leader and creator of the underground facility 'The Cage', Imon Hotora who granted him the deadly sword 'Demon Blade'. Many times has the sword been stollen from him, many times has he recovered it as well.

Abilities: Mangekyou Sharingan

Strengths: Killing Non Human Creatures, Killing Humans, Genjutsu Release, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Large groups of Enemies, Blocking Projectile Weapons, Sword Combat, Speed

Weaknesses: Sealing Jutsu, Fighting Airborne, Water Ninjutsu, Lightning Ninjutsu, Earth Ninjutsu, Hand to Hand Combat without 'Demon Blade', Durability, Stamina, Wind Ninjutsu

Demon Blade Fighting Techniques: Anyone who has Demon Blade in their Possession is granted these magnificent abilities as long as the sword is kept in possession. Demon or Human Alike, The sword Favors no one.

Death Slash: Those who are damaged by the blade, weilder and enemy alike suffer a third degree burn on that area of the body damaged.

Demon Hunter: Once Demon Blade is held within its current holder's hand, that person is engulfed in purple aura which
may attack foes or nearby allies of the holder at random.

Hell's Ghostly Shadow: The holder of the blade may pass threw walls, floors and the ground by pressing one's hand or appendage against the object.


Izanagi - Ninjutsu, A secret barrier type technique only known to few people, A technique which summons exactly 1,500 clones which surround the user in every direction. These clones each possess a different chakra nature and high amounts of chakra which allow them to detect and react to any given nature of chakra alike. Once a Ninjutsu technique is detected by any of the clones they each put out chakra from every part of their bodies. Their multi natured chakra then bonds together creating a brief indetructable barrier of chakra. This jutsu has no weak spots and no openings for the opponent to strike other than attacking the user from under the ground. Though if this technique is performed while airborne or within a large body of water this technique has no weak points not even the ground due being summon under the user as well on every other side.

Ninigi - Ninjutsu, The user creates a spark of fire just before realeasing a a small jet black flame which spreads like
wildfire and grows in strength the more the flame consumes. Upon hitting the enemy one minutes after being released it is hot enough to give third degree burns.

Homusubi - Ninjutsu, The further advancement of ninigi which focuses the wild jet black flames into a jet black ball which will greatly expand on contact with the enemy before bringing them further into the ground. This very hot condensed ball of black fire after carrying the opponent a long way under the ground silently explodes sending a small vibration threw the ground the user stands on. This technique is not usable from the air or while airborne.

Ryujin - S Rank - Ninjutsu,
The Further advancement of Otohime which actually transforms the size of objects or living things into whatever size the user wishs.


Otohime - B Rank - Genjutsu,
A technique which allows the user to trick the opponent into seeing an object or living thing's size bigger than it actually is.

Yomi - S Rank- Genjutsu Ninjutsu - Shadowy Land of Eternal Darkess - Once activated the opponent(s) and the surrounding area is engulfed by total darkness. For several mintues no sign of light is visible until the brightness of the blue moon comes into sight though everything else is total darkness. Soon the moonlight reveals the land on which the opponent(s) stand on to be a giant graveyard where graves seem to cover the ground they evidentantly stand on. Once the opponent takes their first step within the graveyard three tomoes appear on the blue moon before the opponent is suddenly grabbed by a corpse usually one of their deceased loved ones. Soon the opponent(s) are forcefully dragged under the ground and eaten alive by their deceased loved one(s). This of course ends the genjutsu leaving the opponent(s) physically and mentally exhausted, while at the same time leaving the user drained of 50% their maximum chakra.
This is known to sometimes make opponent's brain dead.


Those who are considered to be A genius to others are a little less than average threw the eyes of The Uchiha
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