Raito Kaguya

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Raito Kaguya

Post  Chidori on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:20 pm

Name: Raito Kaguya

Height: 6'1

Weight: 130 lbs.

Age: 17


Taijutsu: Camelia Dance,
Willow Dance,
Bracken Dance,
Clematis Dance: Flower,
Clematis Dance: Vine
Bone Travel,
Finger Bullets,

Exoskeleton: Raito produces bones at an extrodinary rate which cover his body as if he were wearing a white suit of armor but the density of the bone is harder than steel and can be as thick as 6 inches. At will he can add an aditional bone like tail from the bone.


Village: Otogakure

Rank: None

Personality: Serious, Somewhat Wild, Brave, Very Rebelious

Having been born of horrific genetic experiments he was gifted with endless potential and hate for those who created him. His skills and abilities far surpass the many other experients and for all his life he had never seen daylight or had any contact with the outside world. Raito unlike the rest of the experiments who wait to be 'chosen' to go to the outside world he plans on making his escape with intent on killing all of his makers. Like every other prisoner of 'The Cage' he knew no ninjutsu or genjutsu and had no reading skills but despite that he is extremely smart.



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