Aka Tenshi (Akane)

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Aka Tenshi (Akane)

Post  Chidori on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:22 pm

Name: Aka Tenshi (I'ma call her Akane in the rp though)

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110 lbs.

Age: 17

Cupid Play: As if casting an illusion Akane speaks in a romantic tone which makes those of the opposite gender who hear it instantly fall in love with her, Is Deemed Unusable but lies Dormant within her blood.

Red Wing: Akane grows scarlet wings at an extrodinary rate from her shoulder blades and is able to retract them at will as well as use them for flight purposes.
Taijutsu: Punch, Kick, Wing Smack,Jump Kick and any other thing you can do to inflict damage using the basics


Village: Originally from Konoha but has lived in Otogakure most of her life

Rank: None

Personality: Obssesive, Sexy, Seductive, A bad girl

As a child she possessed a unique bloodline trait which allowed her to make those of the opposite gender fall madly in love with her and she also could grow blood red wings which she could retract at will. Unknown to her there was a fatal consequence to both these actions which put her on the verge of death. By growing wings she slowed her blood flow after each use usually causing her to faint 1 minute after usage. By playing cupid she slowly slowed the rate at which her heart pumped blood to the rest of her body and killed her imune system. In time she began to cry tears of blood as her body began to die slowly and painfully. She described the pain to doctors as if her heart was literally being ripped in half. No matter where she went her poor family couldn't find any doctor who could help her but only those who could estimate the time of her death. Slowly her family gave up hope as did she for finding someone who could heal her and the day she was destined to die came. That day they all heard three hard knocks on the door as the man who would change her destiny waited on the front porch. After answering the door they saw a man who fitted the desciption of a doctor, white shirt, geeky horn rimmed glasses, non muscualr build. The man explained that he had heard about the young girl's situation and could undeniably cure the girl. The family rejected unsure if the man could be trusted, Aka agreed and persuaded her family in allowing her to leave. Still they weren't sure until the man made the remark as he was about to leave "Time is of the essence" and with that he left for his car. In little time the family rushed out of the house now begging the man to cure her and he accepted without hesitation. Before she got into the car into the car the man told her to look up at the sky and she did when she looked back down she asked why and he answered "Hours feel like years when your sick" he said and they both laughed and she got in the car. Unknown to her that was the last time she'd see the sky for eleven years. Soon the car drove away and the girl fell asleep within the man's car as the long trip continued. As hours passed the family of five soon found out that they had no contact with the man and knew nothing about him only that he was there to cure their daughter. When Aka awoke she was within a pitch black cellar and was glad to be alive. She had felt alot better and was glad that she went with the man seeing as she was still alive after so much time. As hours passed she began to wish she was dead as the truth that she had been kidnapped slowly came to her. She tried screaming for help but it was no use, only one person had heard her but looking into his green eyes she knew she'd be here for a very long time.



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