Plasma Release

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Plasma Release

Post  Chidori on Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:53 pm

Plasma Release is one of the most dangerous techniques to be hit by because the user's chakra is spread into the opponent's blood stream and slowly distributed threwout the opponent's body. Even the slightest cut or wound from these techniques will equal death. The chakra is hidden amongst the user's own blood in order to get past the opponent's immune system, no matter how powerful it may be. Once successfully within the opponent's blood stream the chakra filled blood becomes undetectable even to the best of sensors and travels to the opponent's heart and into each of its four chambers and cling to the walls of the heart before beginning to multiple on a massive scale and infesting the opponent's entire body with the blood cells. Each begin to explode starting with those at the heart and destroy the opponent's body from the inside out leaving no remains. Because this type uses the user's own blood this jutsus are limited to only short range techniques.

Heat Form is a form of Plasma Release that utilizes the user's ability to manipulate heat threw both Fire and Lightning Release together in order to burn threw all solid substances. Those lucky enough to survive being hit by such a technique are left with at least two 1st - 2nd degree burns upon their body. Most techniques in this arsenal are deadly upon contact and are bright red in color and in the shape of a current or bolt of electricity. Though similar in appearance to electricity, Heat based Plasma cannot be redirected, deflected or blocked and best left avoided. Because of the abnormal heat it gives off it can heat even the coldest environments upon being created and its base temperature is usually around 6,000,000 kelvins, hot enough to turn all water into steam, all earth into magma, all ice into water, all air dry. Its total destructive power is unmatched and can tear a hole threw all foundations.


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